Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man Book by Gopi Krishna

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Gopi Krishna's account of his personal experience of spiritual transformation as a result of spontaneously awakening his kundalini life force is definitely worth reading. He describes how difficult and lonely his spiritual journey was without the guidance of a spiritual leader and his reluctance to share his experience with friends and family fearing social consequences. While interpreting his experience, Krishna drew wisdom from both ancient yogic accounts and modern science, theorizing, although at times with great conviction, the nature and meaning of the phenomenon. To him, the kundalini experience is evidence that man is still very much evolving and a window to greater consciousness, perception, and intelligence is accessible to those who are interested and bestowed with certain social and biological fortunes. In his account, he is emphatic in his wish for modern science to investigate the phenomenon of kundalini, as he is sure the implications to science's current understanding of the material world will be subject to revision. The commentary following most chapters by James Hillman complemented Krishna's personal experience locating it among a vast array of thought from both Eastern and Western traditions of spirituality and science. Finally, stylistically, the writing can be a bit grueling to get through. Although he does his best to describe the indescribable, I felt that he overly relied on metaphors, which were often unnecessary and led to incredibly long sentences burdening those of us who are not familiar with that style of writing. Even for experiences that are inherently easier to describe, I felt that his account could have benefitted from an astute interviewer, who could press him to tease out the specifics of some of his experiences, such as the content of the verses that were revealed to him in multiple languages. If for no other reason, read this book for a thoughtful description of a rare and incredible spiritual experience.

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