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This CD helps to Fully Release Anxiety and Stress through guided Meditation with Brainwave Healing Music There are numerous toxic effect on our body due to Anxiety and stress which in turn causes inflammation, disease that are long term physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, not to mention breakdown in important relationships. No matter how well we eat and have a very strong biological foundation, how much we absorb from the nutrition we take in, anxiety and stress can easily tip the balance of body pH levels. This guided and very practical in helping you apply techniques in everyday situations both managing and preventing stress can contain Anxiety and Stress. While Track 3 uses specific imagery to help surrender into peace and let stress go, track 5 features Anikikos unique and special guided Smiling Heart Meditation which is known to reducing the toxic effects of stress almost instantly. They are progressive music relaxation and specific breathing tools for anxiety and stress. Anikiko, specialised kinesiologist compiled thousands of work with clients on one on one and groups to the calming background of her Music Nutrition series. Calming and soothing power of the human voice and brainwave technology are used to access deeper states, intentions related to each track, scalar holographic tones, crystal singing bowls, binaural rhythms, entrainment, solfeggio tuning forks and the melodies and resonance of Anikikos voice initiate the space for harmony and healing at the deepest level of your being. The power of guiding words and healing energy places directly into the cells of the body. It removes fear and restrictions. It helps to unlock the very essence of their limitations. The author combines her skills as an artist and world-renowned kinesiologist with her voice to help people inspire, resonate and activate their passion. Being a specialised kinesiologist and musical artist, Anikiko has spent half her life retraining brains, nervous systems and behaviours to help people be who they want to be, release trauma and get what they want from relationships and business.She is an international speaker with 17 clinical years delivering over 7000 sessions.

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