Yoga Music CD: Mala - Dave Stringer

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Call-and-response kirtan accented by lap steel, sitar, horns and gypsy violin. `Mala` (in Sanskrit, a string of beads, used like a rosary, to facillitate concentration on a mantra) has the same intentions as its predecessor, `Japa`, but the melodies and modes it explores reflect a deeper Eastern influence. 1.Govinda Jaya Jaya 07:38 2.Bhagavati 07:12 3.Shivaya Namah Om 10:38 4.Gaja Nana 05:27 5.Saraswati Intro Mantras 00:57 6.Saraswati Ma 07:03 7.Davakinandana Gopala 08:28 8.Universal Prayer 02:18

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