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As a mystic, poet, theologian and philosopher, Meister Eckhart was considered to be an early advocate of creation-oriented spirituality in the 13th Century. The tradition of the pious lay group as defined by Meister Eckhart affirms the potential of humanity to act divine. His shown path believes in creative energy of God and advises to awake and alive. Every aspect of life, whether it is living or dying, growing old or transgressing God’s will, celebrating an event or moaning, is embraced as the cosmic energy of God in motion. Eckhart’s theology demands no masters, no particular traditions, no fanciful retreats or protracted exercises or special mentions. As a ‘Wayless Way’ of praising the creator, Eckhart’s theology is available for everyone and all. Eckhart just-fully mentions, “Who has found this way, needs no other.” Matthew Fox is an eminent author of more than 15 books to his credit. He is also the Founder Director of University of Creation Spirituality, Oakland, California. His book “Meditations with Meister Eckhart” is a very simple illustration of Eckhart’s principles for deep meditation. The writings of Eckhart chosen by Matthew Fox bear complete relevance to the modern world and the poetic expressions lead the readers to a secluded state of inner bliss and happiness.

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