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This book is a first. There has never been one entirely dedicated to the spiritual life of the Dalai Lama. Yet as one of the world's most recognised, and respected, spiritual leaders there is clearly great need for such a work. My Spiritual Autobiography will be a revelation to His Holiness' thousands of friends and followers around the world. It offers an insight into his interior world, and does so with great skill, sensitivity and openness. The Dalai Lama sees himself first and foremost as a human being, secondly as a monk and thirdly as the political leader of Tibet. In this fascinating book we can read many hitherto unknown stories from his childhood, his formation as a monk and his gradual development as a leader of his people. We are offered a view of his daily spiritual practise, invited to listen in on the dialogue he has been pursuing with other religions, with non-believers and with scientists in his search for ethical and environmental principles, and shown how he brings a sense of goodness and conscience to political life around the globe. In a world that is so profoundly interdependent, the Dalai Lama explains how he transforms himself through spiritual means in order to have a positive effect on the world, and he encourages us also to help change things, by working on ourselves first of all. This inspiring and private glimpse of the inner life of His Holiness is a book Rider is proud to be publishing. Brought to us by Sophia Stril-Rever, it is a major acquisition, and one that will be on our list for many years to come.

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