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Listing 1. Gopinatha 2. Bhajahu Re Mana 3. Arati 4. Ganesha Sharanam 5. Mama Mandire 6. Jiv Jago 7. Govinda Jaya Jaya 8. Jaya Radha Madhava Playing Time: 60 min. Contributing Artists: Krishna Das Producer: Hans Christian Hindu devotional chant has never been rendered so seductively as by the San Francisco-based duo Rasa. The presence of kirtan instruments (harmonium, tablas) and classical Indian sounds (bansuri flute, mridangam or double-sided drum) grounds their debut album in tradition, while thrilling synthesizer atmospherics and dramatic vocals bespeak the passion and modernity that Rasa brings to their music. Kirtan superstar Krishna Das provides guest vocals.

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