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Incantation Records presents Rasa Exotica II. Fourteen tracks that move between soulful house grooves, world rhythms with an ethnic breathiness and infused with a cool European edge. 1. Sous Le Soleil (Original Mix) - Aurelia 2. Good Life (Good Vocal Mix) - Kaori 3. Taj Mahal Wind - Edouard De Tricasse 4. Nedep - Laurent Wolf 5. Work - Masters At Work 6. Egyption Drummer (Dub Mix) - RLP 7. Aravibes - JC Sindress 8. Guide Me God - Sinead O'Connor 9. Indigo Blues (Freeform Remix) - Llorca 10. With You (Superchumbo Remix) - Nomad 11. Bel Amour (UPS Latin Remix) - Bel Amour 12. Loco (El Virgin De La Macarena) - Loving Paris 13. Avolta (Rubba J Remix) - Arsenal 14. Drum Al Amour (Album Mix) - D-Genre

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