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The Way Home Sacred Earths 4th CD released in November 2007, has been a huge success after not releasing a CD for 2 years and focusing on World Touring, Jethro & Prem joined creative forces with Producer Stuart Favilla to create a musical master piece. The Way home brings all that we have come to love about Sacred Earth and fine tuned it to create a smooth and divine Album. The Way Home has paved the way fro Sacred Earth’s music to be released world wide in 2007 1.Om Namah Shivaya 08:51 2.Hare Krishna Govinda 08:22 3.Ganesha Om 10:07 4.Sita Ram 08:57 5.Beautiful 05:02 6.Moola Mantra 08:39 7.Govinda Hare (Maneesh De Moor remix) 07:30 8.Grateful 05:24

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