Studio Specials

Studio Specials

Who would have thought that a 5000-year-old style of movement would become more popular in this country than Australian football? According to the Bureau of Statistics, more people take part in weekly yoga classes than they do in our national sport. And for good reason.

'Yoga helps to improve your overall strength and posture while calming your mind and nervous system. This is probably why so many people practise yoga long term.

New training—With overall growth of the wellness industry, new training programs to support practitioners in demand, including advanced professional development and business training.
Insurance companies will be paying for yoga

Yoga will be prescribed by the doctor
Yoga’s growth is part of a bigger wellness trend. Those companies that want to capitalize off the trend will add services such as nutritional programs, exercise routines, spa services and wellness consultations in conjunction to yoga offerings.
Yoga as a business is a HUGE market, what’s your take?

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