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The Alchemist`s Prayer is an album about humanity and transformation. I wanted to communicate very honestly about the many facets of being human— feeling joy, devotion, and love, as well as facing our fears, sadness, and death. Alchemy is the word that describes the spiritual process... We combine all of our experiences on earth and through them we raise our consciousnesses to create something greater, magnificent, and divine. So the album is a prayer, a hope, a calling out for guidance for the process of connecting with ourselves as well as the infinite. Some of the tracks have been traveling with me for a very long time— before I ever dreamt that I would tour with Snatam or Manish; before I ever had an inkling of making music my career. I first recorded a version of Namo Namo (Sat Nam) in New Mexico in 2002 with Nirinjan and two other close friends. It was a fun idea that sounded pretty good, but was mostly a bunch of high schoolers trying out recording equipment for the first time. Little did I know that it would come with me so far, to become the first track on the album, still with Nirinjan`s incredible voice, and having such a profound depth and sense of amazement about it.

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