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A call to consciousness combinging spirituality and ecology that offers hope for the future. As the world's population explodes, cultures and species are wiped out, and we have now reached the halfway point of our supplies of oil, humans the world over are confronting difficult choices about how to create a future which works. Thom Hartmann proposes that the ony lasting solution to the crises we face is to re-learn the lessons our ancient ancestors knew--lessons that allowed them to live sustainably for hundreds of thousands of years-- but which we've forgotten. Hartmann shows how to find this new and yet ancient way of seeing the world and the life on and in it, allowing us to touch that place where the survival of humanity may be found. 'THE LAST HOURS OF ANCIENT SUNLIGHT shines like a beacon in the darkness, an education about reality, a needed wake-up call, and a guidebook through the swamps of denial and ignorance into a brighter, sustainable future.' Dan Millman, author of WAY OF THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR and EVERYDAY ENLIGHTENMENT 'Thom Hartmann writes one of the most rousing, raging, and right-thinking works of our time. As a visionary speaker for the Earth, he reveals what we have done to our planet and how we can make true and deep amends. He offers potent and practical ways to achieve a new ecology of spirit and matter, mind and nature. He gives us a new story to illumine life at the threshold of forever.' Jean Houston, author of A MYTHIC LIFE and A PASSION FOR THE POSSIBLE

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