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The essence of Bhagvad Gita is the 'Philosophy of Life', as enunciated by Lord Krishna to the warrior Arjuna. This is one of the most important works of human civilisation -- a guiding document for all of mankind. Lord Krishna has been the subject of legends and literature, in addition to his godly stature, political and theosophical discussions, controversies and conflicts. It is difficult to separate the historical Krishna from the mythical and spiritual Krishna as his image has been moulded in the minds of believers and sceptics, poets and artists, reflecting the tenor of each age and time. The historical Krishna encapsulates the story of a man of exceptional qualities and a model for all times under the layers of the divine Krishna, the avatar and incarnation, This book brings to the reader this extraordinary man, a consummate statesman and nation builder, a warrior and teacher, a philosopher and mystic -- a unique persona which is man's empirical understanding of the divine form. This book is very relevant to any time and let alone the present time that we live in. As the present state of our society sorely points to the need for a Krishna to be, once again, in the midst of us. It is hoped that reading about the historical Krishna will inspire us to lead better lives, through the pursuit of dharma, above all else.

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