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“The Tibetan Yoga of Breath” is an exemplary book which pairs the Tibetan Yantra Yoga (a form of breathing Yoga) with contemplative ideas and practices through the perspective of Western Medical Science. The benefits of proper breathing is explained in many Indian and Tibetan practices and is now well-supported by contemporary medical science. Breathing properly can influence the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health in a deeper level. This Book explains the basic Yantra Yoga techniques of Tibetan Yoga for achieving this synergism down the cellular level of the human body. This is also called Wind Energy Training by many Yogic practitioners across the world. This book opens a Pandora’s Box which can vitally heal the body, calm the mind and offer emotional balance through Tibetan Yantra Yoga. It explains the importance of breathing for good health, vibrance, emotional control, longevity through any spiritual practice. A must have book for all who would like to know the principles of breathing and its control for a healthier living.

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