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Two spiritual seekers from England combine for this lovely album. Ben Scott served in RAF command during the World War II and later pursued a spiritual path, becoming a yoga instructor; Christa Michell began training as a classical flutist but was called to a shamanistic pursuit after a near-fatal car accident. That each musician has faced their own mortality perhaps accounts for the awed humility and simple grace of Tibetan Chakra Meditations. Sustained tones from singing bowls, samples of throat singing, and slowly reverberating gongs provide the foundation, over which Mitchell plays drawn-out simple tones on her flute. This music is, as stated on its cover, perfect for "meditation, massage, Reiki, healing, yoga, Qi Gong [sic], sacred sound toning...." Just listen to a few minutes of any track, and you’ll know by the lightning shooting up your parasympathetic spinal nerves that this is the real deal. Each track focuses on bringing attention and awareness to a particular chakra, helping listeners to create energy balance in their body and reduce stress. The tracks run through the chakras twice, with a break in the middle for "Sonic Massage." (There are bells to let you know when each session ends). "Root Chakra - Evolution" starts things off on a low drone, shimmering around the edges of perception, setting the grounds for gentle passages of Michell's flute. The effect of the flute against the drones is subtle, simple, powerful, and pure. Even at first listen, while distracted by your illusory daily obsessions, you can feel your spine tingling in response, wakening you like a pleasant fall chill. As attention moves up from the root through to the sacral, solar, heart, throat, and brow, the drones become more and more powerful, such as on "Solar Plexus Chakra," which incorporates barely audible Tibetan chant with singing bowls and ear-tickling tonal frequencies. The second round of chakra work is even more minimal, more austere, concentrating on single, sustained drones. Compare the "Solar Plexus Chakra" sound with the previous track to get the idea. For Tibetan Chakra Meditations, the hard-won humility of Ben Scott and Christa Michell no doubt accounts at least in part for their sublime ability to eschew "personal artistry" in favor of adhering to the profound simplicity of these held tones. It's quite a gift they've given us.

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