Vedic & Western Astrology: An Integrated Framework by Ashish Gujral

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Vedic and Western Astrology: An Integrated Framework is an endeavor to synthesize the collective Astrological wisdom of the East and the West. It is intriguing to discover how these two seemingly different systems are essentially interrelated at many levels. The book demonstrates and builds on this synergy by objectively integrating the underlying astrological thought and the key principles laid out by the East and the West. - The book explores the larger question of 'What is Consciousness' and attempts to answer the why and how Astrology works? - It offers 100 Authentic Natal Charts in both Vedic and Western formats and explains how to interpret them - Provides collective examples on various Personality types along with identifying Psychological weaknesses using a simplistic Astrological framework - Integrates concepts like IAU constellations, Western zodiacs and Vedic nakshatras and provides example charts for various zodiac and nakshatra combinations - Predicts key phases in one's life through a 'Unique formula for transits.' The book establishes the efficacy of this formula through multiple case studies - Offers a simple approach for rectification of charts using the 'unique formula for transit' - Explains key astronomical concepts utilized in astrology through various illustrations

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