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Month-by-Month Practices for a Radiantly Healthy Pregnancy and Birth Women who turn to the teachings of yoga during pregnancy have a secret—they feel great and avoid many of the issues that plague expecting mothers. With Yoga Mama, Yoga Baby, Margo Bachman brings you a complete month-by-month series of guided meditations, breathwork practices, and sound and asana exercises to support mothers from conception to birth and early postpartum. Designed to honor and celebrate the themes that distinguish the journey toward motherhood, these gentle practices include: Month One: Dreaming—mindful breathing and seated poses for relaxation and stability Month Two: Protection—soothing exercises to filter out harmful influences Month Three: Peace—tools for finding harmony with your changing body and releasing feelings of discord Month Four: Nurturing—practices to build a reservoir of vitality and strength Month Six: Support—restorative poses and purifying breathwork Month Nine: Integration—practices to connect to the source of life as you prepare for the birth of your child

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