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Yoga is a popular way of enhancing the experience of pregnancy and childbirth. It can help you enjoy and understand your pregnancy and is highly recommended by an increasing number of health professionals. SALLY TOWNSEND AND JENNY BEEKEN are a midwife and an experienced yoga teacher. Both are mothers too, and they guide you through conception, all three stages of pregnancy and the birth itself. YOUR YOGA BIRTHGUIDE is thus unique in offering a professional perspective, and able to make much better recommendations about postures than other 'yoga baby' books. The asanas are adapted separately for each trimester, alongside relaxation andbreathing techniques, and Jenny and Sally show mothers-to-be how to adjust to the physical demands of labour and give birth with minimum strain. Practising yoga improves strength, body and breath awareness, is good for keeping the body supple, fit and relaxed without straining, and can be used to relieve pain in labour and ease childbirth. Mothers say that it also makes them feel more in control to know that they are making preparations of their own for the big event. The book also offers wisdom about miscarriage, termination and IVF. Dads are not forgotten. There is special advice for yoga teachers, and for health professionals. YOUR YOGA BIRTHGUIDE is a trusted reference of essential professional advice for yoga teachers, midwives and all mothers-to-be.

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