Your new hobby: Meditation

In the past two years, being in lockdown is not an unfamiliar thing to people all over the world anymore. I could never imagine that a fast paced, hustling city like Sydney will have been locked down for 114 days until the end of this October. Somehow, I started getting used to this slow living lifestyle, I even appreciate my life more than ever. It is an ideal opportunity for me to spend more time for myself, build or discover different types of hobbies that I haven’t had a chance before. 

“Instead of wasting days and nights on binging TV shows, why don’t you take up a new hobby to enrich life with joy?”. The idea of Meditation came up a second after that question.  And yes, that’s how my journey of self-love began!

How do I start meditation practice?

  • Find yourself a silent and peaceful spot at home, sit down and relax all your body. 
  • Let your hand rest in your lap or on your knees. I would suggest that you should close your eyes during meditation to be more focused inward.
  • Take a nice slow deep breath and hold that for a beat. Keep your exhale a bit longer than the inhale and feel how the air is leaving your body.
  • Repeat it again and again with a deeper breath. Feeling the breath flow through your entire body
  • It is totally fine to be distracted in the first few times.
  • Once you are familiar with Yoga Meditation, singing bowls and other initiatives can be used to promote relaxation.

During the process, I discovered a love for Meditation because...

Yoga meditation helps me to ease off my stress, clear my mind, be more grounded, calm and healthy. From the Himalayan traditions, yoga meditation is the process by which one works with the body, innate senses, levels of mind and breath. It brings together various aspects of my mind, and stimulates and keeps my mind in shape. After a period of practicing meditation, I found myself calmer, better at controlling my temper, faster at information recall and thinking process. Especially, I feel more engaged with life, happy and healthy inside out.

Highly recommend:

Yoga Philosophy Books for Newbies

After you have taken the decision to take up yoga and meditation for relaxation and well-being, the next question would be how to start? As a newbie, you may not know how to do it the right way. Here the yoga philosophy books, videos on yoga techniques, etc. would help you to a great extent.  

Yoga King Meditation Products

Yoga King provide meditation cushions, eye pillows, CD gift packs explaining how to do your meditation effectively, organic cotton zafu, organic cotton Zabuton, bem silk eye pillows, folding meditation stool, etc.