How to Make Your Next Savasana Like a Dream

How to make nect Savasana like a dream

Take a deep breath in and then open your mouth and say “ahhhhh”... It feels even better when you're laying in savasana! How can we make the savasana experience even better? Adding props such as eye pillows and instruments like a singing bowl can deepen the experience. Savasana is long known to be many people's favorite yoga pose... and some for, they may dread it. You may enjoy the long rest after your hard work or perhaps you are one who feels anxious about it. Maybe the thought of being totally still with your breath sounds like the last thing you want to do when you feel all your prana, or energy, moving through your body after class. But it's essential! Otherwise, that energy will escape outside your body instead of continuing to nurture you long after you step off your mat.

Why We Do Savasana

Savasana, corpse pose, is performed by simply lying on the back. While it can be performed in between postures for rest as in traditional hatha yoga, here we will refer to it as performed at the end of a yoga asana practice. It is done to restore the heart rate back to a normal pace after the practice.

What to UseEye Pillow

Eye pillows are helpful because they promote the sensation of closing off from the external world. If you have a tendency to open your eyes or blink during savasana, definitely use an eye pillow. They also promote pratyahara, which is the 5th limb of yoga. It means internal awareness through withdrawing from the outside sensory world. This is a great way to practice it!

Singing Bowl

A singing bowl is an instrument often used for meditation or sound healing purposes. They originate from Tibet and are typically made of bronze or in some cases, quartz crystals. Going to a sound healing meditation class can be useful for help relaxing in savasana or meditation. During the course of the meditation, you will lie down on your back while the guide plays various instruments over you. The frequencies of each instrument (and even each singing bowl) will stimulate your chakras and brain waves in various ways to allow them to open, flow, and vibrate in a higher awareness.

Let It Transform You

While the name of the pose, Corpse Pose, can scare some people away, it is actually a doorway of transformation. Instead of thinking of it as death, shift your mindset to think of it more like a dream. Here's where our yoga props come to work for us!

Practice savasana on your own with your friend or teacher. Try it various times of the day with the eye pillow and singing bowl. See how you respond to the addition of these tools. You can also always use a recording of a singing bowl if you do not have one or no one is available to help you. We offer singing bowls in our shop here