Enhance Your Meditation Practice Using Zabuton and Zafu!

meditation with zabutan
Youga king

Yoga is a part of Meditation and likewise, Meditation is a part of Yoga. Yoga is the practice that connects your external sense to your inner-most conscious. With meditation inculcated in your yoga practice, you essentially get to feel your conscious touching your senses deeply. The unity of your inner self (Atma) with your outer world (Paramatma).  Meditation the essential practice of focusing your mind and sense is a part of the holistic experience. In Yoga, meditation is more than just sitting and focusing on your mind. Meditation is about calming and replenishing a rather busy stressed mind. The more calm and controlled your thoughts are through Mediation, the more you can feel a deeper sense of true to life presence. Being in that meditative moment with all your senses focused gives you a crystal clear connection to yourself, helps you find the right balance between your mind and body and helps build your concentration as well as patience levels.

As beneficial as Meditation is for mental health, it is equally challenging to practice and fit into daily life. Getting a distracted stressed mind to be calm and focused sounds daunting enough, the key is to start slow and start focusing on something specific or gazing outside your window while soaking in nature. Even calming rhythms can be helpful. We recommend Yoga King’s Large Singing Bowl to build your concentration. Alternatively, you could also use the power of smell to focus. We recommend Yoga King’s Aromatic range of Incense to set the apt mood. The idea behind the practice of meditation is to concentrate on one thing and live in the moment with all your mental energy. The vital success of Meditation is seen rather cerebrally rather than physically with calmness in everyday life with mental and emotional strength.

Here’s how you can ease into the practice of Meditation with Yoga King’s extraordinary range of Meditation Props:

Yoga King’s Zabutons are firm Japanese pillows ideal for long-seated, relaxed, or flat-lying positions.  These cushions help people to be able to fold their legs and be able to sit in a lotus position. Zabuton at the bottom helps people avoid discomfort in their ankles( if they sit on rough surfaces it can lead to pins and needles sensation in their ankles). Yoga King’s Zabutons are the perfect support to relax the body and practice Meditation as well. Yoga King’s zafus are also super beneficial to practice the art of Meditation and general relaxation purposes too. Yoga King’s Zafu, specially designed for seated meditation, is designed to promote good posture and alignment. Compostable and Biodegradable by nature, Yoga King’s Zabutons and Zafus are kapok-filled which makes them eco-friendly healthier options with removable cotton soft covers making them portable to use and easy to wash.

Extended Child’s Pose:

Ideal to focus on your breathing strength and strengthening your stretch forward focusing on your arm, leg, and body flexibility.

  1. Lay your Zabuton on one end, we recommend Yoga King’s 80cm Square Cotton Zabuton for this particular pose. Make your knees wide while pressing the bottom back on your heels. If your heels are weak or uncomfortable, you may use Yoga King’s Yoga Blanket under your ankles for extra support.
  2. Affixing your seated position, slowly with the feeling of the bottom pressing towards the heel reach your arms ahead and let your elbows lay on the bolster calmly.
  3. As your arms rest firmly on your Zabuton, let your chest lay down as per your comfort level.
  4. In the child’s pose, redirect your focus and thoughts to the presence of your mind and body.

Breath Consciousness:

An excellent practice to root in your Meditation practice, Breath Consciousness is the ability to build your concentration levels, improves your breathing, and is known to instantly calm your nerves and amp up your moods.

  1. Find a comfortable and relaxing spot. For Breath Consciousness, we recommend Yoga King’s Organic Crescent Meditation Cushion.
  2. Position yourself comfortably and take the moment to let your body settle and ready to get into the meditative position mentally.
  3. As you start to focus your mind and breath, gently rest one hand on your heart and one hand on your abdomen.
  4. Focusing on your breath, inhale into your abdomen, then the chest, and then exhale out of your abdomen and then the chest.
  5. Practice this rhythm of Breath Consciousness into your mindful thought and inner most sense.


It clearly states that with the help of using Zabuton and Zafu you can enhance your Meditation Practice as it mainly designed for seated meditation, which promotes good posture and alignment. With the help of Zabutons as mentioned one can try experimenting with Extended Child Pose that is ideal and helps you focus on your breathing strength and strengthening your stretch forward focusing on your arm, leg, and body flexibility.