The Benefits of the Yoga Headstand

When was the last time you changed your perspective? Turning things upside-down in your yoga practice has many benefits you may not even know about on both a physical and mental level.

Inversions asanas

You may think about the headstand and think it will never be possible. Maybe you are afraid or maybe you have a neck injury. However, with our Original Bodylift for the Yoga Headstand, it makes it possible for anyone. Yoga Headstand

Here's a yoga headstand practice can benefit you:

Overcome Fears

Let's face it, going upside-down can be scary. When you start working on inversions, many unconscious fears may come to the surface. Through this process, you can learn to overcome them because many of them may be completely unfounded. Once you overcome your fear, you learn to trust yourself on a deeper level. This means you can act from a place of love rather than fear in everything you do, not just headstanding.

Stimulate Immune System

Every day we stand on two feet and our circulation functions a certain way. Going upside-down will stimulate the lymphatic system, which will improve your immunity. A regular headstand practice will help keep you healthy year-round.

Strengthen Arms & Core

The ability to hold a headstand will not only strengthen your mind but also your physical body. You may feel weak at first when trying something new, but with regular practice, you will only get stronger. In order to hold a headstand, it is important to work on strengthening the arms and core.

The shoulders do a considerable amount of work so there is not too much pressure in the neck while the abdominal region helps to stabilize the body when you're upside-down. Make sure you practice with a spotter or the wall when first starting out to get your alignment just right!

Boost Mood

Did you know that inversions are an all-natural mood booster? Because going upside-down reverses the blood flow of your body, your brain gets a rush of cerebrospinal fluid. This special fluid helps to circulate nutrients and chemicals inside the brain. It will help increase the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, and melatonin, which help regulate our sleep and mood. They are often called the “happy chemicals”. Who doesn't want more of those?

Improved Balance

When you come back right side up after being in an inversion, you will also find your balance on two feet better than ever. Our Original Bodylift for the Yoga Headstand is perfect for those looking to improve their balance without compromising the integrating of the spine. Great for those who are also looking to learn inversions in a safe way!

Through the regular practice of headstand, you will gain physical strength and mental clarity. Your mind will be free of thoughts so that you feel more alert. It's a great practice for those suffering from lack of energy or even depression. Boost your mood and willpower together today with the yoga headstand.