Welcome to the new Yoga –King Blog

Welcome to the new Yoga –King Blog. yogaking_blogAs many of you will know the word yoga comes from the Sanskrit term Yuj which means literally to yoke or in other words, to unite, and that is what we will focus on in this blog. This blog will not provide instruction in yoga asanas or poses, there are many, many places where this information is readily available and from better informed sources than this. Nor will we bore you with long winded sales pitches and blatant self promotion, we have more respect for you than that. No, this blog will focus on uniting our lives, uniting our life with our practice. In short, we feel there should be no distinction between yoga, meditation and our lives. All of life is meditation, meditation is yoga, and yoga is life. Myf and I took over yoga king nearly a year ago now as part of a larger attempt to create such a united life, and while we have a long way to go, this is still our aim. In this blog we plan to share our ideas and some of the fun we have along the way. As well as some of the articles you would expect from a yoga blog, on subjects such as yoga and meditation, you can also expect to read about things such as organic gardening, baking organic sour dough bread, healthy recipes, keeping chooks, simple living, tips on living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and much more. We do not claim to have the answers and the last thing we want to do is preach about how anyone else should live their lives. We aim in this blog to simply present some of the things we find of interest on our way, indeed, it is our aim to learn to hold our opinions lightly. Please feel free to leave comments and feedback, we would love to hear from you, but please keep all comments respectful remembering it is the divine presence within us all which unites us all. We are also happy to publish appropriate guest articles, if you would like to write an article for the blog please contact us on info@yoga-king.com . We hope you enjoy! Peace Matt and Myf