What’s the Best Position for Meditation?

Finding the perfect meditation cushion can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to. We all know that sitting still for a long period of time can sound like an unreasonable task. Children struggle with it in school and adults struggle with at during the workday. When the thought to sit more in meditation comes up, you may ask yourself, do I really want to sit anymore? This where the knowledge of how to sit and prop yourself up with a zafu or meditation cushion will come to help you. The benefits are always worth it! There are 2 main sitting positions you can use on your meditation cushion, depending on what style you practice or your comfort level. If you practice Zen-style meditation, you can choose a cushion called a zafu. It doesn’t matter which type of meditation you practice; for any style, it is important to elevate the hips to elongate the spine. The cushion is also more comfortable than sitting on a hard floor. How to Use a Zafu A zafu is a circular bolster-type cushion used for meditation. Simply sit on the floor and place the cushion underneath your hips. Cross your legs comfortably at the ankles or shins and rest the hands on the knees or lap. Ensure the spine remains long. How to Modify the Meditation Position If crossing your legs for long periods of time is uncomfortable due to hip or knee strain, you can also practice meditation kneeling on the knees. For this, you can choose to place a blanket under your knees for support if needed. Then, you will kneel on the knees and place the cushion between the knees with the knees slightly open. When you sit back, the hips will be elevated on the cushion behind you. This position helps to relieve pressure off the hips and twisting in the knees while keeping the spine nice and long. It may take some time for you to discover which meditation position you prefer. The good news is that you can use your meditation cushion or zafu for either way you want to sit. You can also change your position depending on how you feel and what practice you are doing. Know that you can always modify it for any injury you may have. Meditation cushions are supportive and are here to help you meditate for longer periods of time. Meditation does not have to be just another item to dread on your to-do list. It can be something you look forward to on a daily basis as the time you carve out with yourself. With the use of the meditation cushion, you will find yourself able to sit longer in meditation comfortably. Whether it’s a zafu or a cushion, we have just what you’re looking for. Check out our array of meditation cushions here today.