How a Yoga Chair Can Help Your Practice

headstand with chair
Have you ever looked at a yoga pose and thought it would not be possible for you? This is the beauty of using props and tools in a yoga practice: they make yoga poses accessible to all bodies, levels, and abilities. We have the godfather of alignment-based hatha yoga to thank for that: B.K.S. Iyengar, who found that incorporating props helped people with injuries or poor postural conditions. On a very basic level, one of the most fundamental aspects that a yoga chair can help with is a balance. Whether you need something to hold onto during Warrior 3 or Tree Pose, holding onto the handle is a good indication to find your alignment and breathe without being overly stressed trying to balance on one foot. Try our yoga chair here today. Additionally, a chair is a great way to practice yoga postures in a supported, modified variation such as Ardha Uttanasana, Half Forward Fold. For example, you can place the chair in front of you and hold onto it with your hands while you fold halfway down and hold here to find your alignment. Then, take it one step further and lift one leg to find Warrior 3. Try this with the feet staggered in Parsvottanasana for a variation. Ardha Uttanasana with Chair You can also use the chair for a modified Trikonasana, Triangle Pose. Stand with the feet wide in an asymmetrical position and use the seat part of the chair to rest your hand instead of the knee or shin. This way you maintain the lift of the rib cage without dumping into the side body and increase your lung capacity. trikosana with chair Now, finally, let's talk about backbending. Many people look at backbends and cringe. How can it ever feel good? This is where the chair comes in. The one we sell here at Yoga King has a special backbend extension to make it comfortable for everyone. yoga_chair_and_back_bender Normally, a chair may not be the most comfortable thing to backbend on and may require a blanket on it for padding. The angle may be too acute and leave you feeling like you're head is hanging- literally. With our special yoga chair, you can recline comfortably with your entire spine supported, including your head! Not only will this open your heart, you gain more mobility in your shoulders, stretch your hip flexors, and improve blood flow to the brain. To perform a backbend on the chair, sit on the chair facing the handles. Start with your feet firmly planted on the floor. Then, recline on your back as you maintain the grip of your hands. Stay here for 1 minute and slowly rise back up, using your hands. Backbending in chair Once you are comfortable with this, you can add in variations such as pressing your feet into the wall or reaching your arms overhead. Remember not to push and meet yourself with where you are at each time you come to your practice! Purchase your yoga chair today to get started.