Creative Props – How To Make Yoga Great Again

Some people believe that improvising or using props for yoga is just for beginners or that by using props, you are cheating your body out of the toil of the workout. Both these statements are untrue to a certain extent. Some props are used by advanced enthusiasts who might require the support for an otherwise painful pose and while some props can aid the user in doing certain poses, and they can also be used to make a routine more challenging.

Finding props that work for you is half the fun; from neckties and belts to chairs, anything can be used to help your form on the mat. However, if you’re serious about your yoga, Yoga King invites you to try custom yoga props that are made to perfectly fit your body. They come in a range of forms and are guaranteed to have you improvising your routines non-stop.

Creative Props – How To Make Yoga Great Again

What Are Yoga Props?

Yoga is all about the energy and feeling behind each pose, rather than how you personally look like on a mat. However, as humans, we also bear a love-hate relationship with routine an anything that becomes too routine quickly becomes boring, a chore and we spend less and less time with it. Keeping that in mind, today we can find a wide range of eco-friendly, non-allergic bolsters, straps, blocks and other props to help you keep your yoga routine fresh and exciting.

Why Use Custom Yoga Props?

Yoga props are generally small, so if space is a problem, they are easily stored if you prefer them to be out in the open, their brilliant colors are perfect conversation starters. While it is not a cardinal rule that all yoga props must come from a yoga store, there are some benefits to using something specifically designed for yoga. For example, while it is easy to find yoga props around the house, from neckties and cushion to shoe boxes and rolling pins, they pose the distinct threat of not being made for yoga. The box that you used instead of a yoga block can suddenly give way or sharp corners on chairs can cause bruising on hips during a repertoire.

Creative Props – How To Make Yoga Great Again

It’s normal for certain yoga poses to push you beyond your limit and have you feeling sore for days, but at times, a pose seems entirely impossible or painful due to certain conditions your body may experience. This is where yoga props come in. instead of trying to hyperextend your muscles and put yourself in danger of physical harm, using a prop, even something as common as a yoga blanket as an aid, can help you achieve that perfect pose. The following are some examples of how custom yoga props can be used to boost your routine and enhance each training session.

Examples of Custom Yoga Props

One of the most widely used yoga prop is the block. Usually made from a high density foam, they help in creating a more versatile yoga experience for beginners and more adept students. They can be used for correcting posture and cuing the proper body alignment for a pose, increase concentration for balancing and help extend the body in standing poses. Blocks also help the transition to Upward Dog without touching the floor during Sun Salutations, making it perfect for upper body strengthening.

The strap is another prop that can be used to lengthen one’s reach and deepen your stretches by fully engaging your shoulder muscles. It is also one of the most versatile props used in yoga, with a use extending beyond poses. One of its most famous uses is in a variation of Warrior pose, as it lends stability, engages the upper back and allows the user to further stretch the limits of yoga.

Creative Props – How To Make Yoga Great Again

Bolsters can be used to support the body in curved positions. Just tuck it under the body and use it as a crutch against gravity. Dhanurasana or the Bow Pose is often termed as one of the harder yoga poses because of its toll on the lower back, the need for spinal flexibility and a long reach. Bolsters can be placed under the abdomen so that the sternum is lengthened, making it easier to lean back and grab both ankles.

These are just some of the basic yoga props that can be used to enhance your yoga experience. The rule is moderation and by practicing with and without the prop, you can find which works best for you.