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Meditation Mala Beads
Meditation Mala Beads

Meditation is the art of practicing mindfulness, creating inner harmony & peace of mind, and achieving mental stability & a sense of calm by focusing your sense on any thought, activity, or object to train awareness and attention.

Meditation is also practiced and encouraged in various religions and religious cultures. Meditation plays a pivotal role in religious practices like Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, and Buddhism. With traces from Vedic times as a spiritual exercise, Meditation was found on wall arts in India 5,000 BCE with pieces of evidence of sculptures seated in a meditative position with half eyes open.

Meditation, although, tied with numerous cultures, focuses more on attaining peace, exploring consciousness, and improving perceptions of life. It is more of spiritual practice rather than a faith practice. Individuals practicing meditation enjoy its numerous benefits such as decreased stress, clear thinking, reduced anxiety and depression, enriched emotional and mental health, strong self-awareness, improved sleep & well-being. Meditation also aids in practicing kindness and decrease of anger or harsh reactions by encouraging and developing positive feelings, recognizing empathy and compassion first towards yourself and then to others.

As a practice, there aren’t any definitions or right or wrong ways, but it is important to practice Meditation which helps you reap its full benefits.

Here are a few types of Meditation to help you choose and understand better:

·     Mindfulness Meditation:

Also known as a guided meditation, it is a type of practice that stimulate momentary awareness and presence. Mindfulness Meditation encourages awareness about an individual’s current environment and their thoughts and actions. Mindfulness Meditation can be practiced anywhere by noticing your surroundings, objects, sounds, or smells. Yoga Kings Super Hit Incense Sticks are your go-to buddy for such type of Meditation. These captivating meditation incense sticks are known to remove negative thoughts and poor vibes while infusing peace, calm, clarity, and a sense of balance into your life. With a super-hit fragrance power, practicing Mindfulness or Guided Meditation helps to achieve progressive relaxation, calming your senses, with spiritual guidance to heavenly mood. Yoga Kings Super Hit Incense Sticks are available in 5 enchanting aromas: Opium, Lavender, White Musk, Chandan, White Sage

·     Focused Meditation:

Such meditation involves channeling focus with the use of any 5 senses. It is a practice where you focus internally like your breathing or thoughts or externally like listening to music, counting mala beads, or staring at a wall or candle throughout the meditation.

 Yoga King’s Meditation Mala Beads will help & guide you through focused meditation with the 108 beads. These beads are known to help you achieve enlightenment and ascend you into deep mystical meditation mode.  Yoga King’s Meditation Mala Beads come in a variety of medicinal herbs like Tulsi, Turmeric, & Sandalwood and also precious beads as Dark Jade, Rose Quartz, and White pearl.

·     Mantra Meditation:

Mantra Meditation is a type of meditation wherein repetitive sounds are used to clear your thoughts and mind for better thinking and manifesting the right way of thinking. Mantra Meditation can be practiced with a phrase, word, or  Meditational Music. Mantra Meditation has popular roots in Buddhist and Hindu traditions with the use of the word “OM”.

Yoga King’s Tibetan Bell is your sure shot way to such mantra meditation. This Tibetan bell represents wisdom and a sense of accomplishment. When used while meditating Yoga King’s Tibetan Bell brings you in tune with the quality of wisdom to attain a sense of self-realization and a deeper level of awareness.

These Tibetan Bells are known to add the perfect Meditational Chimes for the perfect Mantra Meditation session.

With Yoga King’s Meditational Essentials( you can transform and rejuvenate yourself to a world of profound enlightenment and spirituality.