30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 2

Well so ends the first two days of my 30 day challenge. I have practiced both days, yesterday in a class, today by myself. So far I don't really feel any different, but it is only the beginning and I reckon I am going to have persevere. I did astound myself by getting up at 5am to practice this morning and I can tell you it was very cold! This in itself is an achievement and I suppose if I think about it, I have felt good all day. Not necessarily physically, but more mentally, the fact that I didn't push snooze (or even turn if off which I have been known to do!!) and actually got myself out of bed and on my mat even before the sun had shown it's head is something to be proud of. According to Yogi Vishnu the best time to practice yoga is the time of Brahmamuhurta, the time of God. In Hinduism, Brahma (time)  muhurta (period) is 96 minutes before sunrise and lasts for 46 minutes and literally means God's Hour ( Wikipedia). Yogi Vishnu states that this is the time the atmosphere is filled with prana and fresh air. Tomorrow the sun will rise at 6.38am, which means that Brahmamuhurta will be 5.02am, which is not too bad, I can do that. This is not going to be so easy in the summer months, where the sun can rise at about 5am or earlier in Brisbane, I am not so sure about getting up at 4.30am. During this 30 days however I will continue to get up at about 5am. Let the early mornings begin.