The Magic of Singing Bowls in Yoga Practices

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Want to supercharge your yoga practice? You can capture the interest of old and new students while boosting the effectiveness of your yoga classes by adding one simple tool: singing bowls!

Singing Bowls and Yoga are the perfect pairings. Bowls and yoga strive for the same goals: a rich mind/body/spirit experience. Singing bowls are a scientifically-based calming tool for the mind proven to produce frequencies that easily change beta brainwaves into the alpha/theta meditative state (through a process called “entrainment”).

 In addition, since the body is primarily water, vibrations produced from the bowls can travel through the physical form to relax into muscles, bones and organs. Every yogi knows that with a calm mind and relaxed body, you have the perfect container to access something deeper: spirit, voice of True Self, intuition, wisdom.

When you add singing bowls to your practice, your students can receive your yoga instruction on a deeper level, increasing their ability to move through weakness, fatigue, pain, mind-chatter and emotional tension.

Unique Ways to Add Singing Bowls to a Yoga Practice-

  1. Instructors can experience their own yoga practice in new ways. Invert a bowl on the head to help clear and balance the brain before class begins. Place a singing bowl in the palm to ignite the palm chakras or hold it on the fingertips to energize mudras.
  2. Walking the bowl around the class will produce soothing sounds to clear the space and create vibration to raise the resonance within each person.
  3. Float the bowl close to bodies that are holding a pose to dissolve blockages, move energy and offer each participant a personal experience with the sound and vibration.
  4. Playing a bowl during ‘sav asana’ can actually improve health and wellbeing. Physiologically, using bowls initiates detoxification and the relaxation response in the body to help it heal itself. In addition, bowls can restore healthy harmonic patterns in the body and encourage healing on a cellular level.

In the past, large singing bowls were only approximately one foot in diameter. Today, they can be a few feet in size. Therefore, they’re not as portable, but playing and hearing one is still an experience you’ll want to share with others.

Large bowls are a must at gatherings where multiple singing bowls are played at once. The effect is quite grounding, and rather appropriately, they’re often played on the ground. The larger size means a more powerful vibration, which can be felt on the surface the bowl is played on. While all singing bowls can transform the vibrational energy of a room, a large singing bowl might have more impact.

The singing yoga bowls are precious and powerful tools to be used by you and through you. How remarkable that you will enjoy them as much as your students will enjoy receiving them. Bringing joy, restoration and transformation into the world is the purpose of singing bowls. They are here to help the human condition. In your skilled hands, combined with your unique yoga practice, the singing bowls will amplify your healing intentions for helping your students.