What is Aerial Yoga? How It’s Best For Your Fitness?


Hanging upside down – Aerial Yoga.

You might have tried it when you were a kid.

Now it seems nearly impossible. Isn’t it?

Don’t worry!

An aerial yoga hammock makes it simple to perform aerial yoga poses.

Its benefits would make you step outside your comfort zone.

What is Aerial Yoga?

Aerial yoga is the same as on-floor yoga. The only difference is you take the support of a hammock suspending from the ceiling.

The aerial yoga hammock or sling is what you need to perform your graceful moves.

When you hang on to the sling by engaging your arms, shoulders, and abdomen, the core strength improves. It is partly due to the use of the upper body.

You become almost weight-less suspended in the sling or hammock. The pressure is off your lower back and pelvic area.

The body is more relaxed, the joints open easier, and over time a marked improvement in joint mobility.

The poses and asanas are similar to regular yoga, and the amount of strength you use will vary according to your needs.

Many older women fear aerial yoga unnecessarily as not all participants use inversions, so it is considered very user-friendly for beginners.

Benefits of Aerial Yoga

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Eases inversion poses like handstand
  • Builds upper body without stressing your joints
  • Helps strengthen the core
  • Full body workout
  • Mat yoga poses becomes easier
  • The support of the hammock or sling relieves chronic back and neck pain

Aerial Yoga Inversion Therapy

Have you been in a legs-up-the-wall yoga pose anytime?

If you haven’t, try it! You’ll feel light-hearted and thus stress-free.

So when you feel sad, try doing inversions. It would make you feel much better.

Inversion is also excellent for opening up the chest to improve breathing. It increases blood flow to the brain.

If inversions are your preference, we suggest you team up with a well-qualified aerial master and follow the safety measures.

It is designed originally by a gymnast. The anti-gravity effect provided by the hammock and sling is very beneficial to all ages.

Yoga Hammock and Sling

Hammocks are designed using a soft silky fabric that will enable you to suspend, letting full-body support.

The high-quality aerial yoga hammocks are made from parachute-grade silk or taffeta that can hold a considerable amount of weight.

Hammocks are portable and can be used outdoors. For instance, you can set these swings in parks, a unique way to connect with nature.

A hammock is also an ideal place for meditation.

Slings are made of narrower silk and feature attached handles for more rigorous routines.

They provide a more acrobatic experience for deep stretching.

Reverse warrior pose can be achieved using the sling and many other movements such as lotus and Siddhasana.

Image by Unsplash

Combining your floor routines with a sling or hammock will relieve stress and is highly recommended for children.

Aerial yoga follows no bounds. It is designed to add a fun element to the floor yoga.

So whether you choose a smaller sling for fitness or a wider hammock, your body will respond to the anti-gravity routine immediately.

Finally, finding a suitable yoga hammock or sling is a challenge. And, we at yoga king help yoga enthusiasts just like you, throughout your yoga journey.

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